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What we do

Young Animators is a mobile initiative which covers the breath of Aotearoa.
We are passionate about providing our Rangatahi and their Kaiako with the opportunity and resources they need to excel in the digital world of today. 



Our workshop is a two day programme though we are able to scale it to meet a 1 day turn around if needed.

Workshops begin at 9am - 3pm for both days 

We bring all the resources necessary to run our programme.  



2D animation principles

We take students and teachers through the basic principles of animation covering animation techniques such as Stretch Squash, Anticipation, Timing, Character Creation and Characterisation


Bio Mechanics

Movement through Animation

Students are then challenged to analyse and dissect movement and how the body operates. We teach them how to see the world through different eyes what the muscles, skeleton, hair, cloth and shifts of weight convey and how these idea's influence character and story telling.

Rain Storm

Scene Setup & Staging

Principles around Camera setup, Creating Lighting Rigs, Green Screens, Sets and staging processes

Using industry practices we create a staged scene for animation. Groups are tasked with using a mixture of familiar props and digital technologies and combining them with real world physical principles.

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